Yep, We Get It!

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Supervision is a valuable investment in your future as a licensed mental health professional. It can also be difficult to pay for. We've been there. At Silver Birch, we've set our rates as reasonable as possible so that you can afford to complete your hours.

my website Individual Supervision
(not more than 2 supervisees present)
60 minute session - $60
60 minute dyad session -$45/person Group Supervision
(3-6 supervisees present)

4 hour session - $100/person
8 hour session - $200/person Let's be honest, we're all busy! We want to be mindful of your schedule. Whether you want to schedule the same day and same time each week, bi-weekly, monthly or even schedule on an as needed basis–we will work with you.

Please contact Erica or Bryan to find the right schedule for you.

Let's find a schedule that works for you!